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We as believers are commissioned by God to love others as Christ first loved us. We call this Go Time.


We’d love to hear what you're doing in your Go Time! Share your story of making a difference in your community with us.


Interested in serving at BRCC on Sunday or during the week?


We believe that being a wholehearted follower of Jesus involves the way we love the world and serve our neighbors. Every day, people in our communities and around the world have physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs, and we want to be a church that meets them.

Keep reading below for tangible ways we can serve our community.

Serve Ideas


During 2023, our church-wide emphasis is focused on Go Time. There are 8,760 hours in a year, and as a church family, we want to come together and give 8,760 hours of our time to serve in Jesus’ name. Below are some ideas to help you, your family, and your small group get started with Go Time.


Twenty-three Go Time Ideas for '23


  • Help a neighbor with their yardwork

  • Coach a youth sports team and focus on encouraging every child to know that God made them

  • Volunteer at a local ministry (the Hancock County Food Pantry and Hope Center are examples)

  • Sign up for our church’s meals ministry and take a meal to someone in need of help

  • Contact a local nursing home and visit some of the residents to talk with them

  • Host a cookout for your neighbors

  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee

  • Send a thank you card to a veteran

  • Offer to babysit for another family so that the parents can go on a date night

  • Invite a co-worker out for lunch and buy their meal

  • Make a special dessert and send it to your child’s teacher

  • Purchase some gift cards and take them to your local police or fire station to thank them for their service to your community 

  • Volunteer to read to elementary students at our schools.

  • Write a note of encouragement to one of our missionaries

  • Ask an elderly person if you can help them with “spring cleaning” their home

  • Purchase (or make) some fleece blankets and donate them to the Salvation Army shelter

  • Shovel the snow off of the driveway of someone else’s home

  • On your birthday, give a gift to someone outside of your family who has encouraged you 

  • Go on a prayer walk in your neighborhood and pray for God to bless your neighbors

  • Contact your child’s school and ask if you could purchase donuts for an upcoming meeting of their Bible Club or Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • On Thanksgiving, invite someone who doesn’t have family in the area to join you for your family meal

  • Write a note of encouragement to someone you know who has recently had a loved one pass away

  • Volunteer to serve a meal at Wheeler Mission (either by yourself or with your family)

  • As long as you bless someone in the name of Jesus, almost anything counts as Go Time!

Local Outreach
Family At Church

Care Communities

Supporting foster and adoptive families in need

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Hancock County Food Pantry

Various Dates and Times,

Contact for more info!


Embrace Grace

Discipling women experiencing unplanned pregnancy


Life Choices Care Center

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

typorama 16.PNG

Blood Drive

July 20, 2023

3:00 - 7:00 p.m.


Hope Center Indy

Various Dates and Times

Click button above for more info!

Global Ministry Partners

strategic partners


World Renewal

Gary Wright

Gary is president and founder of World Renewal. He develops relationships with countries to expand WRI's footprint. Gary leads World Renewal prayer meetings every Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in Greenfield.

Gary Wright

World Renewal

Tele Moraes

Tele is president of World Renewal Brazil and vice president of World Renewal International. He has helped initiate aspects of Project Focus like: a real estate franchise, two recycling businesses and a solar panel franchise. 


World Renewal

Ricardo Silva

Pastor Ricardo is a World Renewal church planter in Brazil. He currently leads the new church plant, Feira Nova, and is director of the Living Stones program there. Check out Living Stones' recent BRCC Mission Moment update.


World Renewal

Carlos Albuquerque (Guga)

Carlos was appointed pastor to the Acacias Community Church in 2020, is a teacher at Alcance School, and is an evangelism/outreach team leader for impact weekends.

Carlos Augusto

World Renewal

Augustinho Santana

Augustinho is pastor of Carpina Community Church and director of the Biblical Seminary of Northeast Brazil. He has increased enrollment to 200 in 2020 and trains pastors and leaders for additional Brazil church plants.

Augustinho Santana

World Renewal

David Taylor

David serves as a part of Glory Sports Martial Arts, an outreach program of World Renewal Brazil. He ministers to students in schools that are heavily affected by gang activity. Check out David's recent Mission Moment at BRCC here.

David Taylor

World Renewal

Assuerio Naque Ferreira

Pastor Assuerio is currently planting a church in the Maputo suburb of Mozambique and is one of the first missionaries to be sent by World Renewal from Brazil to Africa. Check out Pastor Assuerio's recent Mission Moment at BRCC here.

Assuerio Ferreira

World Renewal

Moises Hernandez

Moises and his wife, Febe, represent World Renewal in Cuba and are currently serving in the Los Pinos Nuevos church in Sancti Spiritu. They have pastored at multiple churches, hosting marriage workshops as well as counseling.

World Renewal Cuba

World Renewal

Luc Joseph

Pastor Luc has planted 14 churches, founded and oversees three schools, and currently oversees the Christ Compassion Orphanage with 25 kids. He leads World Renewal efforts in Haiti.


World Renewal

Steve Turner

Steve transitioned to be the senior representative for World Renewal in 2020. He ensures that every country has a representative and visits various countries to support and learn the needs of leadership and the ministries.

Steve Turner

One Mission Society

Clarissa Hunter

Clarissa is on long-term staff with One Mission Society and leads two English clubs in Budapest, Hungary. Not only does she show the love of Jesus through teaching English, she also has conversations with the children about their faith.


Youth with a Mission

Carl Baird

Carl and Erin Baird are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas, with YWAM. They assist with the Maritime and Biblical training of missionaries with the goal of reaching unreached islands throughout the Caribbean. Their long-term goal is to establish a Discipleship Training School in Ireland.


Heart of Africa

Mike Henderson

Mike mentors promising African leaders and helps those leaders by funding breakthrough projects, such as the widows entrepreneur project in Africa where 200 widows are training to start their own businesses.

Heart of Africa

Global Church Developer

International Co-op Ministries

ICM's goal is to establish a healthy church within walking distance of everyone in the world. BRCC recently sponsored three church builds in India in partnership with ICM. The organization has built more than 10,000 churches globally.


Local Food Assistance

Hancock County Food Pantry

HCFP serves 130-200 Hancock County families per week. When asked by clients, volunteers will share their testimonies and speak of the love of Jesus Christ. Bibles are also available to everyone in need. 


Yeshua Society

Mo Wildey

Pastor Mo leads a church plant called Yeshua Society in inner-city Indianapolis. He is also involved with Restore Church International, developing house churches in California and Texas, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Mo Wildey

Local Family Planning

Life Choices Care Center

Life Choices affirms life through a commitment to spiritual, physical and emotional care of those facing uncertainty in family life or pregnancy. Check out a recent Life Choices update during a Sunday service here.

Life Choices

Teen Recovery

The Landing Place

The Landing is a Christ-centered, safe place for teens (ages 13-19) to find hope and freedom using real-life strategies and principles to break the cycle of dysfunction and destructive behaviors, while also learning ways to live healthy.

The Landing

Faith Community Fellowship 

Manubhai Mecwan

Pastor Mecwan is a church planter in India but lives here locally. He holds prayer meetings and Bible studies with the Hindu community, takes the Gospel out into the community daily, and travels to India to minister to the lost as well.


Child Evangelism Fellowship

Don & Sherie Phares

CEF worldwide reached over 16 million children with the Gospel in 2020-21. Don helps with leadership team decisions and oversees field projects. Sherie trains new field staff and works on other education projects.


Human Trafficking & Addiction Care

Hope Center Indy

The Hope Center provides shelter, encouragement, and vocational training as it ministers to women caught in human trafficking, addictions and other life dominating issues. It provides Christ-centered healing.

Hope Center
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