Life Resources

If you want to help, there are some easy and impactful things you can do.


  1. PRAY for the safety of your family, community, nation and world.

  2. TEXT five people every day - checking in to see if they need anything and offering an encouraging word.

  3. NEXTDOOR app - offering help or checking in on neighbors in your area.

  4. STAY HOME if you are sick or if you have been in contact with someone who has been sick.

  5. BE GENEROUS - God still has work to do in our community and our world. Click here to make a gift to Boundless or visit our Missions page for more #GoTime opportunities. BRCC will continue supporting local and global missions during a time when everyone needs it most.



WTHR has done a great job with their "Facts not Fear" campaign. As followers of Jesus, let's stay informed and provide hope to those who may be struggling.

Health and Financial Resources

This site hosts information about COVID-19, mental health, food safety, childcare and more.

This site hosts information about filing for unemployment benefits.

This site hosts food pantry information for the State of Indiana and other areas. You can also click here to apply for Indiana SNAP benefits.

For county-specific information, we recommend the Community Compass app.

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